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The retail robot Stockbot at the NRF 2022 event
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Spotlight on StockBot: NRF 2022 and RFID robots for your store

PAL Robotics at NRF 2022 with StockBot for retail robotics The team at PAL Robotics recently attended NRF 2022 –…
AIRLab Stacking Challenge by TU Delft to improve retail robotics
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AIRLab Stacking Challenge: robotics competition for retail use cases

PAL Robotics at AIRLab Stacking Challenge Robotics in retail has multiple aims, one of which is to help free up…
PAL Robotics' StockBot at Decathlon
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Decathlon chooses PAL Robotics’ StockBot to deploy across stores worldwide

PAL Robotics and Decathlon In the world of retail automation, it is clear that many store managers are still lacking…
Collaboration created with PAL Robotics robot StockBot and AGMIS' solution EasyFlow to create a retail-data product
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StockBot with EasyFlow out-of-shelf analytics offers complete retail-data solution

How it works: collecting in-store data using product images and monitoring product stock at a shelf level Traditionally, retailers have…
The upper part of the RFID guide stock taking robot StockBot
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How to get started using StockBot to improve inventory tracking and money mapping in retail

Stockbot, the autonomous mobile robot for your stock tracking Seamless data capture and inventory tracking in today’s retail sector is…
The retail robot StockBot in a clothing store during Project COVR
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Developing state of the art safety procedures for robots in public spaces with the COVR project

Project mission and PAL contribution with Stockbot PAL Robotics has recently collaborated as part of a team helping develop state…
The autonomous mobile robot Stockbot tracking inventory in a shop
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Stock-taking Robots: How automation in retail increases customers loyalty

A snapshot of today’s retail challenges Robotic automation in the industry of retail, with technologies such as stock-taking robots, is…
The retail robot Stockbot ensures the accuracy of stock-tacking operations
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StockBot, the inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore!

The advantages of having StockBot controlling inventory StockBot keeps expanding its presence and helping retailers control stock; now we can…