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PAL Robotics' autonomous mobile robot (AMR) in a hospital
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TIAGo Delivery makes an impact in hospitals tackling COVID-19 thanks to DIH-HERO

TIAGo Base Delivery in hospitals Hospitals have successfully tested PAL Robotics’ TIAGo Delivery and TIAGo Conveyor robots as part of…
The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) TIAGo Base represented in a concept while delivering food
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PAL Robotics is fighting COVID-19 in hospitals through DIH-HERO

TIAGo Delivery with the Jupiter and Triton sensors  With the unpredictable health crisis of COVID-19 continuing to place high demands…
The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) TIAGo Base carrying a box providing industry 4.0 solutions automating deliveries
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PAL Robotics recognized as a provider of industry 4.0 solutions

Providing manufacturing solutions for industry 4.0 As a provider of industry 4.0 solutions, PAL Robotics is recognized by the government,…
TIAGo robot collaborating with a technician
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Industry 4.0 is the trend at GREX

Innovation at the Global Robot Expo (GREX) Innovation has landed in Madrid! Global Robot Expo (GREX) starts today and will…