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Automatica 2020 is an international trade fair for automation technology, which takes place every two years at the fair in Munich, in the heart of Europe’s largest market for Robotics and Automation.  Visitors can see international products in the core areas of assembly and handling technology, robotics, industrial image processing and related technologies. Automatica is the first international trade fair where people can see all segments of the robotics and automation divisions. It’s an independent event where those interested can find all kinds of automation technology under one roof. PAL Robotics is very happy to announce that they will be joining this event from the 8th to 11th of December in Munich, Germany.


At this year’s Automatica event PAL Robotics will present you with:

The TIAGo family of robots which :

  • Are autonomous and mobile
  • Are modular, flexible and customizable
  • Will help you to cut down costs and improve efficiency in your production line
  • Work safely, adapt to their  environment without external sensors and avoid obstacles
  • Can be installed within a day and are easy to use

The newest addition to PAL Robotics, ARI, which:

  • Is easy to integrate with your AI algorithms
  • Lets you build connections with your users
  • Brings you the latest in Service Robotics

See PAL Robotics’ robots being used in EU projects:

PAL Robotics is a part of many European Union funded projects and at the Automatica fair, you will be able to see a few different projects and get the chance to learn more about how the company’s robots are used to innovate in different sectors.

Open DR

The main goal of the Open DR project is to achieve the development of the non-proprietary toolkit, in this case it refers to a set of deep learning software functions for core robotic functionality, harnessing deep learning to provide advanced perception and cognition abilities.


The SeCoIIA project aims to ensure the digital transition of the manufacturing industry towards more flexible, connected and automated production techniques. This will foster user-driven applications from the aeronautics, automotive and naval construction sectors.


The project RobMoSys aims to provide an integrated model-driven methodology to establish a common open-source methodology for software development that will foster interoperability through composability and configurability principles.


The goal the SPRING project has is to develop Socially Assistive Robots with the ability to perform multi-person interactions and have an open and extensive dialogue. PAL Robotics is designing and manufacturing prototypes of high-performance geroMessegeländeususentechnological ARI robots, as well as integrating the software developed by partners.

Visiting Germany?

PAL Robotics is very excited to showcase TIAGo and ARI at this year’s Automatica fair In Munich, Germany. Make sure you stop by the company’s booth to find out more about  PAL Robotics, to have a talk, get introduced to the robots up close and learn more about each of the robot’s capabilities. See you in Automatica 2020!