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PAL Robotics is attending Advanced Factories 2019, the leading Industrial Congress hosted in Barcelona, to show how robots can enhance productivity in industrial settings, as you can see with these two examples:

  • Smart Intralogistics: Carrying loads from one place to another can take up valuable time that could be better spent on more relevant tasks. At the end of the year, the amount of time aimed for internal deliveries is significant, and here’s where TIAGo Base comes in to deliver materials and make work easier for operators. TIAGo Base can adapt to any specific industrial setting with customized add-ons that are easily integrated on top. The cobot’s smartness comes from combining an autonomous behavior software to the existing ERP system, which helps the robot react fast when the routine is modified.
  • Exhaustive Stocktaking: Whether inventory control is desired in the static environment of a warehouse or the constant unpredictability of brick and mortar, StockBot is a valuable source of updated stock data. It crafts a 3D map of everything in a given space that helps in optimizing stocktaking and inventory management. With the latest upgrade, StockBot adds vision cameras to RFID and autonomous navigation. The outcome is fast restocking, misplacement detection and management decisions that can aid in the visibility of products and their prices. Remember how StockBot works here.

Discover how your industrial facility can be enhanced and productivity raised with collaborative robotics, at AF2019!

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