Humanoid Robotics
for organizations
and research

Push your organization to the next level
Increase productivity
Get unique interaction for your events

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“How may I help you?”
1.70 m, 100 kg

Make events, conferences or airports unique
Fully customizable
Autonomous navigation & guide
9+ languages

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Automatic Inventory Solution
0.5 m x 0.5 m x 2 m

Automates inventory process
Controls the stock daily
Easy to integrate with your IT
No environment modifications

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Challenge your research
1.65 m, 80 kg

100% ROS Based - Flexible - Open
Ready for research: Navigation, Vision, HRI, AI
Remote and on-site support plans

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Leading humanoid robotics research for the real world

PAL Robotics helps you to integrate cutting-edge robotics research in your business. Innovate with humanoid robots that guide, compliment and help your guests, or use a robotic platform to make the inventory automatically.

Smartly designed

Robust robotics platforms to make your office, shops or events different. Advanced robotics engineering for your R&D department, university or lab.

Carefully crafted

Robots made with long-lasting materials to offer you top quality and robustness. Sonars, lasers, stereo cameras, force/torque sensors and more assembled with maximum accuracy.

Creatively adapted

Do you need an application for REEM's touchscreen? Special movements? Navigation and maps in a conference hall? Robots adapt to your setting to work perfectly in the real world.

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  • Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute
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  • Hotel Hesperia Tower
  • ICT Qatar
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute
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